Whitney Wilson

Accessible Yoga for Moms with Heart

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Hi, I’m Whitney

Yoga Instructor, Mom, and Movement Enthusiast

I have been practicing yoga going on 20 years now and have been sharing my practice with others going on 10. I am constantly learning, growing, and evolving my understanding of the beautiful practice that is yoga with my knowledge of the human body and its vast potential.

I am an always learner and have learned just as much from working with beginner students as I have (if not more so) from seasoned teachers. My teaching is rooted in the joy of moving and reflective of the need to adapt as circumstances change.

Strong, Mobile, and Pregnant
(Online Classes!)

Be Well for Yourself and Your Growing Family

I like to stay focused on what I CAN do and have had this mindset during my 2nd pregnancy. The results have been a happier, healthier, and more active pregnant me. I have crafted 3 30-minute online classes with the pregnant body and a CAN DO attitude in mind. These sequences focus on 5 key areas of the pregnant body: shoulders, wrists, side-body, hips, and feet. We need to stay STRONG and MOBILE while pregnant, because the heavy lifting is just getting started 🤗!


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