Meet Whitney

Strong Yoga 💪

In the past few years, I have gotten really into strength training. I broke down the mental barrier that kept me out of the “scary” parts of the gym by working with a personal trainer and finding my own way around different equipment and heavy things. Now, I have a useful collection of heavy kettlebells at home!


This focus on adding load (AKA heavy things) has helped my yoga practice in innumerable ways and has also made me feel more confident in my everyday routines. 


500 RYT Yoga Instructor and Movement Enthusiast


Hi! I’m Whitney Wilson and I love helping people find joy through movement. I get excited about the little things and the big things related to how the body CAN move. I get even more excited when I can help others make these connections meaningful. 



I have been teaching yoga in the NYC and CT area since 2010 and practicing yoga since I was introduced to the beautiful mind+body+breath connection by a lovely French teacher at my high school in Atlanta. Because of my pursuit of yoga, I have been able to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life (for real). 



Connecting to myself through the physical practice of yoga and learning to harness my potential through dedicated practice and self-control has paved the way for a calmer and more patient me. This is critical in my role as Mommy ❤️. 


I teach yoga because I love sharing what I love. I was drawn into the practice more fully when I started to see how the physical practice could be made more accessible by looking at the smaller actions that make up the bigger movements that eventually lead to asana (AKA a yoga pose).


In the beginning, I was in awe of the beautiful shapes I saw other bodies making and thought that was what it was all about. Now, I am wiser and in awe of how all bodies are able to develop more control and awareness by paying attention to the little things in each step-by-step journey into and out of different shapes. 

I love to teach movement in a fun and approachable way to others, especially mothers, so they feel empowered by their body and their own potential.